Jewelry Loans


Collateral Loans in Seattle and Fremont

Take advantage of the assets you already own to provide the quick financing you need.


How Does a Collateral Jewelry Loan Work?

Many people are in need of quick and easy loans that do not require credit checks in order to pay medical bills, pay credit cards off, consolidate debt, or they are just in need of quick cash. In addition, the interest rates on collateral and jewelry loans in the Fremont and Seattle area are set by the state of Washington, not the pawnbroker. If you have been turned away from the banks, have credit in need of repair or would prefer to not take out a personal loan, then a collateral jewelry loan may be the route for you.

Generally, most jewelry can be appraised for its loan value. Types of jewelry that can serve as collateral include watches, earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, etc. In addition to jewelry, precious metals and high-quality timepieces are typically accepted. Precious metals can include, but are not limited to, gold, silver and various forms of platinum. If you are in doubt, it is best to take your items to a local jeweler who is GIA educated.

To ensure that you are receiving a fair appraisal, it is suggested that you work with jewelers that are GIA educated. The GIA is the largest, most respected nonprofit source of gemological knowledge in the world.


How do i Qualify for Collateral Loan?

When you visit a lender to get your jewelry, timepiece, or precious metals appraised for a collateral loan, bring the following:

  • Government issued ID (required)

  • Previous appraisals (not required)

  • Bills of sale (not required)

  • Certificates of authenticity (not required)

Though previous appraisals, bills of sale, and certificates of authenticity are typically not required, they are helpful to the jeweler who is appraising your items. In some cases, these documents can help with increasing the value of your loan collateral and allow you to borrow more.

Collateral Loans for Personal and Business Cash Flow

Your jewelry is an investment that can be an invaluable resource in the event of an emergency or a business cash-flow crisis. Most individuals and small businesses are unable to keep large amounts of cash reserves to deal with all eventualities, and taking out a personal or an additional line of credit from a bank can be time-consuming and unnecessarily cumbersome. A collateral loan on a personal piece of jewelry can solve a short-term cash problem that would otherwise damage your relationship with creditors or hinder your business.

Olympic Jewelry of Seattle and Fremont

In search of a collateral jewelry loan in the Seattle and Fremont area? We have been providing jewelry loans in Seattle since 1979 and have recently expanded our operations into Fremont. Olympic Jewelry is a family owned operation. We have over 40 years of experience providing appraisals, jewelry repair services, and jewelry sales. Our jewelers are GIA educated so you can be assured that we will offer you professional and fair appraisals of your fine jewelry, estate jewelry, precious metal coins, bullion, and timepieces. Our jewelry loans do not require a credit check, are on 90-day terms, and you will receive payment immediately. We disburse payments via check or cash. If you are unable to pay the principal in full, we are able to extend the life of the loan an additional 90 days to accommodate those special circumstances.

We take pride in the reputation that we have built in the Seattle and Fremont areas as a collateral jewelry lender. Contact us today.